A Reformed Congregation in the
mountains of McDowell County, NC

All visitors are welcome! You will be greeted warmly and provided a bulletin so you can become familiar with our form of worship. Before worship we will discuss a biblical truth in Sunday school about how to live out our faith in Christ. During worship we will all join in reverent worship of our Triune God. After worship we will seek to get to know you as an honored guest at our fellowship meal.

What is the worship service like?

Our worship services are about one hour in length and are reverently dialogical. That means we approach God in awe of him and his almighty holiness and power and have a conversation with him. He speaks to us in his word and sacrament calling us to worship him, reminding us of his holiness and our sinfulness and then pardoning us from our sins and then he sends us back into the world with his benediction. We reply to God in his word, confession, prayer, Psalms and hymns rejoicing in the joy of his salvation.

Our liturgy:

What is the worship music like?

We sing Psalms and hymns from the Trinity Hymnal. We always sing together in one unified voice to God. We use the piano to accompany our voices.

What are the sermons like?

The sermons are expository meaning they are of a particular text or passage of Scripture. The Pastor preaches through a book of the Bible and explains what the Bible means in the context of when it was written and what that verse means to Christ’s Church today.

What should I wear?

We have do not have a dress code. While some dress more formally for worship, others wear casual attire.

Where do I park?

As you look at the Church you will see that there is not any parking space in the front of the Church building. There are two entrances on either side of the Church building that will lead you to the back of the Church building. All parking is in the back of the Church. You can park anywhere you can find a space.

Is there a nursery for young children?

Yes, although we encourage families to have their children in worship. We also have a cry room for those who need to attend to a child and still listen participate in worship.